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salamander grill services

Salamander grill services, repairs & installations

A salamander grill is a versatile, self-contained broiler which is used to boil, glaze, cook or toast a range of foods. The most frequent use of salamander ovens is to keep food warm or to reheat food. It’s also a quicker alternative than to broil food in ovens. Either gas or electric, salamanders are known to be able to work at much higher temperatures than a regular grill. The design of them means that they are mainly positioned directly on a wall or shelf at eye level. Salamander grills also have a plate detection feature, which can help control when the grill is being used or not. They’re seen as safer than regular grills, as there is no way of fat or grease dripping onto elements or burners, so no flares will be caught.

NWCE – Commercial catering services, maintenance & installation

Here at NWCE, we are able to create a service plan that works for you, your salamander grill and your commercial kitchen. So if you are looking for information on how we can keep your commercial kitchen in the best shape possible, whether that’s with a service and maintenance plan or whether that’s using our engineers to install your latest commercial catering equipment, get in touch with one of our team today!
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Choosing a gas safe engineer for your Salamander grill services, repairs & installations

For most users of a Salamander Grill, gas is a necessity. However, there is only one thing that could be deemed more essential than keeping your commercial kitchen equipment running, and that’s having a Gas safe engineer on hand to complete any gas installations, maintenance, and services that your Salamander Grill oven may require.