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Self cleaning ovens: are they worth the hype?

Cleaning a commercial oven is one of those jobs that everyone hates but it needs to be done. However, more and more self cleaning ovens have been creeping into the market recently. But are they worth the press that they’ve been getting? 

What are the benefits of self cleaning ovens? 

Having a member of staff on their hands and knees scrubbing the oven after every service isn’t really a way to up morale but we know that cleaning the commercial oven is necessary. However, hand cleaning can be inefficient at times, not to mention very time consuming. So what why should you upgrade to a brand new self cleaning commercial oven model? 

  • Less water usage and can be more energy efficient in the long run
  • Reduced labour as you won’t actually need someone there whilst it is running it’s cleaning cycle
  • Improved safety as staff won’t need to breathe in or be in close contact with harsh cleaning chemicals
  • More convenient over all 

Many self cleaning ovens have extra safety features included which means that you won’t accidentally open the oven during its cleaning cycle. Many ovens can heat up to 400C during the peak of the cycle so it’s worth being careful around it during this time. Many then won’t open until the chamber has actually cooled down to a safe temperature. 

Rational oven repair Manchester

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