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Commercial Food Service Equipment Service & Maintenance

Here at NWCE Food Service Equipment, we carry out maintenance, services and repairs on a range of different commercial kitchen equipment in a whole host of commercial environments which includes hospitals and fire stations. Our engineers are fully trained, and offer maintenance plans to keep your kitchen equipment working to it’s highest capabilities. We are proud to offer bespoke maintenance plans, which we create around your business and your equipment. These plans include a prompt and efficient service 24 hours a day as well as a comprehensive amount of stock kept on site which means no delays on repairing any of your equipment.

Why is it necessary to provide a service to your commercial kitchen appliances regularly?

 Over time, your kitchen’s appliances build up with greases, dust and deposits which ultimately attribute to the failing of the equipment. It’s no secret that purchasing kitchen equipment is a costly affair, as a result, these appliances require regular servicing regimes otherwise catering equipment breakdowns can become more expensive and more frequent. Regular servicing also ensures your appliances have a longer lifespan.

NWCE would strongly advise on a scheduled service regime which will help with the following:


  • A well-equipped and well-managed kitchen will help your business turn around bigger profits
  • Longer lasting equipment means less outlay on new equipment
  • Better appliance efficiency helps keep running cost downs
  • Reduce call out and repair bills

Having a regular maintenance plan in place is important as you’re taking care of your equipment on a regular basis and hopefully this can help prevent any unnecessary breakdowns or issues. If you think your kitchen could benefit from a service and maintenance plan then please get in contact with one of our team today.

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