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Service, Repair & Maintenance for Restaurants & Foodservice Equipment

When opening a restaurant, it’s easy to overspend on commercial catering equipment and be disappointed. The biggest brands aren’t always the most reliable, with many becoming big by providing their customers with cheap materials. This cheap material will mean that your equipment may only last up to half the expected product lifespan.

For Service, Repair, and Maintenance for restaurants and food service equipment, NWCE is here to fix your kitchen worries. Bolton-based NWCE has been repairing appliances for kitchens in the north of England for over 20 years and is now working across the UK. Most importantly, NWCE supply and install food service equipment, and have an incomparable range of bakery, catering, refrigeration, and ventilation equipment.

Best-known for specializing in commercial refrigeration equipment service and maintenance, our engineers have been trained to a very highest standard.  We know the importance of our customer’s trust, which is why we have an exceptional customer satisfaction track record. All of our engineers have years of experience and are completely qualified for the task at hand.

NWCE Restaurant & Foodservice Equipment Services

Despite most restaurants being able to set a lovely scene and atmosphere; the food will always be the most important factor. And, of course, the only way to achieve the healthiest and highest standard of food is through your food service equipment.

Today may be the day you realize that your old, faulty cooker is not up to scratch. The ease of access to modern products is undeniably fantastic; however, the performance isn’t always going to be better. Starting as simply as fixing the faults in your kitchen will be effective in revamping your kitchen.

For a new kitchen, investing in some new commercial catering equipment will immediately give you the edge over your competition. If you are just starting up there is no point trying to get away with old appliances. Invest in modern equipment to make it a long-term investment.

Fortunately for you, you are in the best hands possible with NWCE, offering service, repairs, and maintenance for restaurant & food service equipment. Our team can provide you with both commercial catering equipment and commercial bakery equipment, to meet your customer’s high expectations.           

Commercial Catering Equipment

Being catering specialists ourselves, here at NWCE Foodservice Equipment we have the finest range of commercial catering equipment for restaurants and food service facilities.

Starting with ovens, NWCE has a range of Combination, Convection and Microwave Ovens for commercial kitchens.

Combination Ovens combine elements of different ovens to provide the most concise cooking conditions for your food. Combination ovens worth by using convected heat, less steam, and blending them together, to meet your most specific settings. This will mean that you won’t be buying two separate ovens, instead, just one cooker to do two jobs.

By having the ability to do multiple jobs will save you both space and money. Coming in both gas and electric models, Combinations will ensure you are cooking your way!

Commercial Bakery Equipment

For businesses such as bakeries cafes, NWCE has an array of different commercial bakery equipment.

The most notable commercial bakery equipment, NWCE have on offer are our mixers – having two different kinds:

Spiral Mixers are used to prepare food, drinks, soups, and many more products, but the most important could arguably be dough. Thoroughly kneading the dough section-by-section, these mixers are made for bigger batches and more mixing bowls.

The motor ensures high-quality dough consistency and blends the ingredients together. This also means that the temperature will remain consistent and have a higher water absorption rate. Spiral Mixers are easy to clean, quieter to use, and best-suited for bread, bagels, and pizza dough.

Planetary Mixers are more advised for bakery goods, covering many jobs such as kneading, mixing, beating eggs, and more.  These mixers have different accessories including a dough hook, mixing paddles, and whisks.

With the ability to prepare different kinds of foods at a high volume, Planetary mixers are very popular. These types of mixers are not seldom used for bakery goods but can also be useful in the chopping of meat, slicing of vegetables, and grating cheese. It’s up to you to experiment with your food.

Every bakery kitchen needs these two mixers, and for more commercial bakery equipment, click here.

The ways in which reliable and quality equipment can help optimize your commercial kitchen or bakery are massive and we have all you’ll need to ensure your kitchen can be as productive as possible, whilst producing good food. Take a look at the link below to find the equipment that will work for you.

Commercial Kitchen Ventilation

For both customers and staff, Commercial Kitchen Ventilation is absolutely vital to keep your kitchen healthy and hygienic. The NWCE ventilation engineers will be able to do everything from fabrication to deep cleaning your extraction systems. Our engineers aim to keep both employees and food as safe as possible, for the benefit of your establishment.

NWCE never compromises on safety, our team makes sure the job isn’t just done but is done well.  All of our engineers are qualified in gas safety, meaning you are in reliable hands. We will be leaving your kitchen looking and feeling as good as new!

Maintenance and Repairs

It’s important to look for someone with experience, knowledge, and reliability to sort out your kitchen’s faults,

NWCE offers excellent aftercare plans to set your appliance up for long-term success. The higher the usage, the more you will have to look after the appliance. However, with the knowledge of how to maintain your appliance and how to look after the system and material, you will get the best out of your commercial equipment.

We know that an appliance can break down at any time, so we provide a 24/7 breakdown response. Ensuring minimal disruption to your business.

Our engineers are here to fit your new commercial catering equipment and commercial bakery equipment, enhancing your kitchen. Also covering commercial refrigeration equipment service and maintenance. NWCE offers maintenance, repair, and ventilation services on all these aspects of your kitchens to keep you up and running.

NWCE Bolton Showroom

For all Service, Repair, & Maintenance for Restaurants and food service equipment inquiries, you are welcome to visit our Bolton Showroom. Here you can pop in for a quick chat or a long discussion about your kitchen and get the planning underway!

Commercial Kitchen Consultants will be able to show you suitable appliances, which fit the vision of your dream kitchen. Alternatively, our engineers are on-site to discuss breakdowns, maintenance, and installation.

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