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Wondering where to get commercial catering and kitchen repair services? You are in the right place. Look no further for your commercial kitchen requirements. NWCE Catering Engineers have over 20 years experience in the commercial kitchen service industry. We are providing an array of commercial kitchen services to hundreds of industrial kitchens in the UK. Our key service offerings include complete commercial catering solutions including 24hr breakdown and repair, installation, maintenance, and sales on a vast array of equipment you find in working commercial kitchens.

Our Key Offerings for Commercial Kitchens Are:

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Commercial Kitchen Design for Restaurants, Bars, Hotels, Cafes & Schools: Want to set up an attractive kitchen with latest kitchen equipment and appliances? Consider us as a No: 1 company to set up the ideal commercial kitchen for you. With a large customer base and portfolio to prove it!

Catering Equipment Installation, repair and Maintenance Service: When you aim to have an industrial kitchen you need a wide range of catering appliances to cook, serve and store food. Being an industry leader, we work with world’s leading kitchen equipment manufacturers and suppliers. Whatever catering equipment you want, we can install it for you. Moreover, we offer quick repair and affordable maintenance services to take care of your catering Appliances.

Commercial Kitchen Gas Safety Inspection: Having a commercial kitchen with latest catering appliances is not just enough. You need to take care of the safety aspect too. At NWCE we offer first class commercial kitchen gas safety inspections with certified gas professionals.

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Commercial Catering Equipment Breakdown: We never want to face unwanted emergencies in commercial kitchens. However, due to an emergency break down, your work should not suffer. To make sure it doesn’t, we offer on call 24-hour breakdown support service. For any catering equipment breakdown, we are just a call away.

Commercial kitchen ventilation System Installation and Repair: Having a powerful ventilation system in your commercial kitchen is a crucial thing. When you hire us for kitchen ventilation System Design, Installation and Repair, we make sure; you get the proper ventilation system with all safety features included at a reasonable cost.

Commercial Catering Equipment Deep Clean Service: Most of the kitchen appliances face sudden breakdowns due to dirt and not cleaning them in a timely manner. Appoint us to take care of your commercial catering appliances with our expert deep clean service.

Based in the Oldham/Bury, Manchester, NWCE is committed to your commercial kitchen expectations. Our skilled team of commercial kitchen professionals will closely work with you while offering professional catering equipment services. Moreover, NWCE will provide you with the highest quality service at the best price.

Call us on 01617648688 or email 24 hours a day.