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How to take the best care of your ware washing equipment

How to take the best care of your ware washing equipment

Dishwashers and glass washers are used a huge amount in a commercial kitchen. But they’re the one piece of equipment that seems to be forgotten about when it comes to maintenance. Our catering engineers do many call outs that could be avoid with a simple maintenance and service plan.

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If you do have to frequently replace your washing equipment you can be paying in excess of £1000 for commercial equipment and we’re sure that you can think of plenty other ways to spend that money within your business! One of the most common problems we see is to do with blocked filters. This could easily be dealt with by making sure the filer is checked and cleaned after every service, instead of building up over time and usage. Here are some really easy but very effective ways of making sure that your washer stays in tip top condition –

  • Make sure the machine is drained after every cycle
  • Clean all filters at the end of the service
  • Top up any cleaning chemicals
  • Leave the machine door open after service
  • Make sure to remove all traces of food etc so that it doesn’t block the filter
  • Get rid of any left over drinks in the glass
  • Clean the entire washer on a weekly basis
  • Remove the arms and strip them to deep clean

It’s the small things that will make a big difference when it comes too keeping your equipment working to the best of its abilities and for as long as possible.

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Here at NWCE we have a motto in which prevention is better then then cure, which is why we offer fully comprehensive maintenance and service plans! Our plan cover a range of equipment, as well as environments. We have worked in bakeries, commercial kitchens, hospital kitchens and many more. If you’re interested in any of the services we provide, why not get in touch with one of our team today?