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The Importance of Commercial Kitchen Equipment Maintenance

The Importance of Commercial Kitchen Equipment Maintenance

Commercial Kitchen Equipment Maintenance can be an overlooked aspect of a top-functioning, high end commercial kitchen. If your equipment isn't maintained correctly then it can actually affect the performance of your food service equipment and ultimately the quality of your food and restaurant.

From frequent cleaning to essential restaurant equipment repair, the value of commercial kitchen equipment maintenance can’t be underplayed. It can actually help to give your kitchen staff the freedom to flourish in your commercial kitchen environment, ensuring they have the right tools for the job, even if it’s making the most out of second hand catering equipment.

Maintenance is more than just a simple wipe down, maintenance focuses on any potential appliance repairs, the health and safety of your kitchen, the working conditions of your kitchen and the overall commercial kitchen environment and experience for your staff members. Customers and staff should be priority in any restaurant, and a process as simple as some bespoke commercial kitchen equipment maintenance is there to benefit both parties, to maintain a high standard of food and to ensure that your kitchen is clean, hygienic and ultimately making it a calm and healthy environment.

This article is dedicated to all commercial kitchen owners, no matter if you are currently planning your first commercial kitchen or taking ownership of your new bigger and better kitchen, we are going to be outlining the importance and impact of specific equipment maintenance and repair.

The Benefits of Commercial Kitchen Equipment Maintenance

  • Performance

When purchasing new kitchen appliances the priority will always be performance, so why does this change over time? A rookie mistake is ruining the quality of your food due to a lack of restaurant equipment repair. Maintenance may seem like it’s another large outgoing but it ensures that you consistently provide your customers with guaranteed quality to keep them coming back. It can even start at a much more basic level, starting with a deep clean of all of your food service equipment, from the commercial kitchen appliances to the cutlery; keeping up with your commercial kitchen equipment maintenance can really enhance a dining experience.

  • A Longer Product Lifespan

Everyone wants to get the most for their money, especially when it comes to longevity of your food service equipment. And making sure you have a routine restaurant equipment repair plan means you will be able to add further years of high performance.

This is also definitely the case when it comes to second hand catering equipment. It is understandable that a start-up business may choose to invest in second hand equipment and they are a reasonable investment as you get plenty years of performance from them. They’re  good for both the short term and long term, and if you take take of the pieces you can definitely increase the resale value too. The more years you get out of your kitchen equipment, the better as the more cost effective they become. 

  • Cost Efficient

Of course a well-functioning product will inevitably last a lot longer, in turn becoming more and more cost effective. Regular commercial kitchen equipment maintenance on your part, as well as regular professional check-ups will ensure that you won’t have to invest in large commercial food equipment repair bills or even worse, brand new foodservice equipment.

A simple check-up may even save you money on utility bills; as well-functioning appliance will use a lot less energy than a faulty product. We think that it is a  smart idea for start-up commercial kitchens to investing in second hand catering equipment. Combining that with having regular check-ups and deep cleans will help to ensure that they are working to their full capacity. Which means you can actually save money on expensive kitchen equipment.

  • Improves the working environment

Working with foodservice equipment can be stressful enough as it is in hectic kitchen environments. Imagine  having kitchen staff work with faulty kitchen appliances, this can help  create a lot more tension in an already stressful environment. Commercial kitchen equipment maintenance, both regular cleans and foodservice equipment repairs can help to prevent any further stress and ensure that your kitchen is a safe and efficient working environment for your staff and that the food is of the highest standard for your customers, keeping both staff and customers alike happy.

Is it time for Commercial Kitchen Equipment Maintenance or a replacement?

It can be hard to see whether your food service equipment needs a repair or if your kitchen equipment is on its last legs and needs replacing. A commercial food equipment service provider such as NWCE Foodservice Equipment, can offer some excellent commercial food equipment service, installation and repair services. Their engineers are  able to deep clean all of the grease, dust and excess out of your kitchen and to remove your old, broken down catering equipment.

Commercial kitchen equipment maintenance shouldn’t be seen as papering over the cracks. It doesn’t just fix an issue which may keep it going for a few more years, but regular inspections and check-ups can actually prevent issues occurring in the first place.  It can actually identify any potential struggles before they become a trouble.

It’s undeniable that investing in food service equipment can make a massive dent your budget, no matter how big or small. But that’s why it’s so important to have a bespoke maintenance plan set in place. It all helps to protect your investments.  A professional kitchen engineer would be able to walk you through the faults and provide you with a maintenance plan for aftercare and to prevent any future breakdowns or restaurant equipment repair.  

With all of this to keep in mind, you may be looking for a team to help you deal with keeping your food service equipment clean, hygienic and performing as efficiently as possible.  Why not consider looking for catering engineers who will be able to deal with your kitchen concerns and give you all the advice you need for you to get the very most out of your kitchen? A high quality commercial food equipment repair paired with a structured maintenance plan will keep your commercial kitchen above the rest, maintaining the high standards of food to meet the high expectations of your customers.

There is always a reliable commercial kitchen engineering team nearby as NWCE Foodservice Equipment cover the majority of the UK. Their teams will be able to conduct a restaurant equipment repair, a deep clean of your kitchen and to provide you with specialist advice to bring back the high quality and provide longevity to your kitchen equipment.





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