Ultimate Checklist for Commercial Kitchen Cleaning | NWCE
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Ultimate Checklist for Commercial Kitchen Cleaning | NWCE

A guide for Maintaining Adequate Restaurant Hygiene In 2023

In 2023, Health and Hygiene Checks are as strict as they have ever been in order to protect your customers. Not only can an unsafe kitchen environment affect your food but it will ruin your business’s reputation. This is especially a blow if your business is a local establishment and may lead to an inevitable closing, hence the importance of Commercial Kitchen Cleaning.

So to avoid running such a risk, NWCE have put together the compliace areas for maintaining your restaurant’s hygiene. There are many ways in which we can help from professional advice to our specialist services. NWCE have helped many kitchens maintain their restaurant kitchen service, moving their kitchens forward.

For those who don’t know us, NWCE are kitchen design and kitchen engineers for commercial kitchens. Throughout the years we have been installing, repairing and helping to maintain different commercial appliances and systems. Keep your commercial restaurant service UK on the right track in 2023 and beyond.

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Basics

Not every kitchen will need to invest in commercial kitchen cleaning and maintenance services. Some can actually be done by you, especially if it is done regularly over a maintained period. Same applies throughout the restaurant and even outside too, in short everything should be clean.

This can be started as simply as through cleaning and sanitising your all of kitchen surfaces and appliances. To further this, this applies to any small appliances, cutting boards, plates and cutlery of course. Eating, drinking and smoking should also be permitted in the kitchen so it doesn’t affect the food.

The same applies to the staff as it does the kitchen; their hygiene needs to be spot on so it doesn’t affect the food. This applies to anything from illness to the basics, such as changing uniforms between shifts, wearing gloves and hand sanitising. Employees should also avoid accessories and if they have any cuts they must be plastered over. 

How NWCE can get involved

Our specialist commercial kitchen cleaning services can certainly benefit any kitchen environment, especially restaurants. In fact we have many different means of servicing your kitchen, due to us being a kitchen engineering company. Maintenance always has a link to the success of a kitchen, so allow our team to make your kitchen successful.

There are many ways in which we can clean build-ups and excess, many customers want quick deep cleaning services. In truth these are overly expensive, so instead our servicing covers the entire kitchen instead of just a quick clean. So, what does North West Catering Engineers bring which other businesses don’t bring?

NWCE can ensure everything in your kitchen is in check, testing and observing everything to see if it’s in order. This applies to all appliances, with the ideal solutions recommended to prevent any build-ups and excess. Regular Servicing will be a much better investment in your kitchen, sustaining your kitchen for the long term.

Installations and Servicing

Installations are a huge part of commercial kitchen service UK at NWCE, especially with systems. Ventilation systems are the most significant things we can install, an excellent means of airing out your kitchen. Yet our engineers can also tackle tricky appliance installations, from your new cookers to refrigeration equipment.

One of our most popular services is our fabrication services, as we are able to readjust any kitchen or appliance. We can work with appliance, counter, sink and more, fabrication services to fit everything you need in one place. As a result of this, your food service will be able to produce high quality dishes in order to bring customers to your restaurant.

We don’t just do restaurant kitchen service UK, as NWCE can work in hospitals, canteens, and similar settings. Additionally, NWCE can provide maintenance plans which are a strict schedule of when and how to clean. This will go the extra mile in keeping your kitchen as hygienic as possible, with differing tasks for different timeframes.

NWCE Kitchen Cleaning Services

North West Catering Engineers have an array of different maintenance and commercial kitchen cleaning services. Clean out your appliances, ventilation systems and the countertops and flooring, to keep your kitchen sparkling. This way you can keep your kitchen as a healthy and hygienic environment for both your staff and the food.

We recommend filling in the contact form on our website, so you can give us your details and enquiry. This way NWCE can get in touch quickly and have a good idea about the service required for your kitchen. To get in touch with the NWCE team right not just click here.



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