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A thermowell is a steel fitting used to manage temperature sensors, especially if there is damage like corrosion and constant excessive pressure. Thermowells can be connected to a number of different appliances through several different connection types, such as weld-in, threaded, socket weld and O-ring. This can make the sensors last much longer and reduce the probability of contamination. If you need any support whilst working with thermowells, contact one of our team today!
The key factor in which separates different thermowell models from one another, is the design of the stem. A reduced surface area allows a faster response from the temperature sensors, which makes them normally a lot safer. As you’d expect with these, material is crucial factor to the durability and the longevity of a thermowell. The material impacts the temperature and the flow rate. The most popular thermowell is created with stainless steel as it can carry a high temperature and is corrosion resistant, as well as being the most cost effective model. For lower pressures and temperatures a Teflon thermowell is recommended.

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