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Ultimate Buying Guide for Commercial Oven | NWCE

Ultimate Buying Guide for Commercial Oven

Commercial Ovens are an absolute must to get right when it comes to a commercial kitchen’s success. These will be the driving force behind most of your food production and your customer feedback too. To sum up, it is absolutely vital to invest intelligently in a Commercial Oven which we will highlight in this buying guide.

Shopping Commercial Kitchen Equipment UK can be hard, with so many different ways of navigating the marketplace. This applies to both online and in stores, due to the amount of commercial restaurant equipment UK available nowadays. For Restaurant Kitchen Equipment UK, this can be extremely difficult to piece everything together so NWCE can help.

NWCE is a catering kitchen engineers company who have been updating commercial kitchens for years. With our knowledge and all this time in the industry, we can certainly help you navigate the market. In addition to going one step further and being the best kitchen design team across the UK mainland.

What is there to consider when shopping a Commercial Oven UK?

Despite the fact that you may need multiple, size is very important for commercial ovens. Not only do the dimensions need to be right for you to fit in as many cookers as possible, so does capacity. For instance a bakery will need a commercial Convection Oven which can cook as many goods as possible. 

Power is another huge factor, both in terms of controls and fuel. Modern Cookers have a huge control panel making it easy to cook your way. For instance, if you have a commercial microwave oven UK then you can easily put a timer on.

What you ever considered a Commercial Combination Oven UK? With faster cooking times and precision cooking these cookers have become extremely popular. This flexibility in control, is a dream come true for chefs so are certainly worth considering.

Considering different types

Commercial Kitchen Equipment UK will differ between kitchens, and this most definitely applies to Commercial Ovens. Not every kitchen will need a standard restaurant oven, but may in fact need something more specialist. As aforementioned, a specialist kitchen investing in a piece of equipment which makes cooking specific food easier is a good investment. 

The most straightforward example of this is a Pizza Oven, specialising in the most exact cooking of pizzas. These Ovens are able to provide the most consistent heat distribution and temperature control across the pizza. It is nuances such as this which will be the most effective way of investing in your food.

Steam Ovens are another popular choice, which are perfect for steaming vegetables. Cook and Hold Ovens are certainly not outdated, as they make for an easy way to cook a lot of food across the day. To sum up, there will definitely be a cooker for you on the market right now!

Gas, Electric or Dual Fuel?

Gas Ovens are your traditional type of Oven, with the most conventional means of cooking. They are far from bland as they are cheap to run whilst also heating up and cooling down the quickest. Not to mention to how seamless heat control is with Gas Cookers especially.

Electric Ovens are quickly becoming the norm, so prices have been rapidly decreasing on these appliances. Electricity allows for food to be cooked much more evenly and consistently compared to gas ovens for example. Another very useful advantage is the fact that electric cookers are much easier to clean than gas cookers.

Dual Fuel Cookers are the best of both worlds, a gas stovetop and an electric oven. This is due to electric cookers being more consistent in the oven compartment and gas being best on the hobs. With more and more demand and more dual fuel cookers on the market, they are becoming much more affordable.

NWCE Commercial Kitchen Equipment UK

NWCE don’t just provide commercial kitchen equipments to catering kitchens across the nation. We are known for helping our customers to plan the ins and outs of catering kitchens. This means everything from identifying high quality appliances to an excellent ventilation system.

We also look to provide maintenance, fabrication and ventilation services to your commercial kitchen. As a result, we can cover every last bit of your kitchen revamp project to make your catering business successful. Each of our projects is carried out by one of our design specialists whose experience will qualify them for your kitchen.

Above all, North West Catering Engineers recommend getting in touch with our team as soon as you can. This is because there is plenty to do with your kitchen with our services and recommend appliances/ equipment. To get in touch with NWCE Kitchen Specialists, click here.


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