Commercial Catering Company: What is commercial fabrication?
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What is commercial kitchen fabrication and how can it add value to your commercial catering company

What is commercial kitchen fabrication and how can it add value to your commercial catering company

Kitchen Fabrication & Maintenance are needed in any kitchen, no matter the purpose and service. The big upside to upkeep and the appearance of the material. Thus, preserving the value of your appliances. Our bespoke kitchen fabrications services make the most out of the space, rather than your kitchen layout causing you problems.

NWCE offer commercial kitchen fabrication installation services, able to both supply and install your new appliances.  Space won’t ever be a worry, as our kitchen designers can work within any space, no matter the layout or size of your kitchen. Add value to your commercial catering company with commercial kitchen fabrication.

Plus, being trained gas engineers, our team can work a range of appliances, whilst ensuring safety in your kitchen.

Commercial kitchen fabrication installation services

Having a Bolton Showroom (located on Folds Road), we welcome you to pop in. Here you will be able to browse our products and begin to plan your kitchen, today. In addition to just fabrication services, NWCE also provide catering repair and maintenance services for both old and new kitchens.

In the simplest of terms, fabrication is adapting or manufacturing a product to fit specific needs and requirements. This involves cutting, welding, bending, assembling, etc. an appliance to fit needs, such as space or being a specific material. Thus, changes can be as simple as cutting down the size of appliance or a complete overhaul in material.

The possibility of a Fabrication Service means you won’t have as many worries about requirements whilst shopping. Gone are the days of worrying about dimensions and appearance!

What is commercial kitchen fabrication and how can it add value to your commercial catering company

There are plenty of ways this can benefit your kitchen. The most obvious advantage is you will save space, which can mean one of two things. Either you will have a lot more space to move – vital for a busy kitchen environment. Or alternatively, you will be able to fit more appliances into your kitchen, to maximise productivity.

A product may tick every box for you, except material; NWCE can work around this, with our bespoke fabrication services. The most popular fabrication material service is hard-wearing, shiny stainless steel, most often installed around sinks. However, NWCE aren’t a one trick pony – our team also provide marble, granite, brass, copper, and powder coating.

Bespoke fabrication services & choices

Depending on the material you choose you will have different advantages. For instance, marble is visually appealing and easy to clean; stainless steel is durable, stubborn material preventing stains.

This means, by choosing NWCE you will be spoilt for choice with our range of different materials, and our commercial kitchen fabrication services.

Additionally, with all the advantages for new kitchens, there are also advantages for old kitchens, especially if you are selling. Our commercial kitchen fabrication installation services, like custom countertops, will add value to your kitchen, both commercial and domestic. Any professional chef or catering company will see the advantages of this fabrication and the value you have added to your kitchen.

Here at NWCE Foodservice Equipment, we work with a massive range of kitchen equipment. We cover benches, servery counters, sinks, gantries, cupboards, ventilation services, storage, just to name a few. Just ask our team and we will work around your needs and wants!

NWCE Fabrication Sales & Installations

From the outside looking in, you may believe bespoke fabrication services are too expensive; however, this is far from the truth. The advantages will make this investment worth it, especially being with NWCE.

A lot of catering engineers can make massive profits on fabrication, but NWCE focus on customer satisfaction. The bespoke kitchen fabrication services we offer aim to give you the most affordable customer service and prices on the market. A good deal isn’t a real deal if the quality is absent, fortunately NWCE have an excellent track record across the UK.

Our fabrication engineers will be able to guide you through this whole process, even if you know nothing about fabrication.  Starting with planning and choosing the product you want, we cover the whole process. We can work around old appliances and professionally install your brand-new products to ensure they are there to last.

commercial catering company maintenance services

It is also important to note, our excellent catering repair and maintenance services. Working with big branded products every day, we know the ins and outs of every product we offer. This means we can set you up with maintenance plans, as well as safely fixing your faulty appliances.

As previously mentioned, your best bet will be coming to our Bolton showroom, and seeing the products for yourself. Online Shopping won’t give you the same insight our team will give you. Combining experience and knowledge, NWCE guarantee a drastic improvement to your kitchen when our team work on your kitchen.

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