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Ventilation System Maintenance

Ventilation System Maintenance Services by NWCE

Effective Ventilation Systems will quite literally air out your kitchen and help create a brand new kitchen workspace. Out of any appliance, product or service, Ventilation will make the most significant impact on your kitchen. In fact, there aren’t many departments in which Ventilation don’t benefit a kitchen, hence the popularity of Ventilation System Maintenance.

Ventilation System Maintenance involves closely inspecting your commercial ventilation system. As a result of this, our team can determine whether it needs more maintenance, a repair or an entirely new system. In addition to, tracking the functionality and performance of your kitchen ventilation.

Finding the ideal candidates to carry out your commercial kitchen ventilation service is easy with NWCE available. We are a kitchen engineering company which can accommodate for every commercial kitchen.  This certainly includes ventilation in commercial kitchens, as we can install, repair, and help maintain your system.

What does Ventilation System Maintenance involve?

Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Maintenance is a lot more hands on compared to your typical kitchen maintenance service. This is because it is more about scheduled inspections as opposed to daily cleans, as you would with appliances. The whole maintenance process is a whole lot more thorough when it comes to these systems.

The most important two inspections are a full check up every two years and filter changes every few months. A Full Check Up will mean we can tweak any slight faults and measure how well your system is performing. Whereas a quick filter change will be a pretty straightforward job to keep your kitchen hygienic.

Different Maintenance Systems need different amounts of maintenance services. Natural Ventilation Systems require much less attention as there are less mechanical parts and check-ups will depend on usage. Regular inspections are needed for mechanical systems as they have a lot more parts to it. 

Different types of Ventilation Services

There are three main ventilation system maintenance services available. Firstly, MVHR servicing has to be done to maintain fresh indoor air quality, which is especially important in cities and industrial areas. These will keep your kitchen as a healthy, hygienic place for your kitchen staff to work in.

PIV Servicing covers the most ground in terms of maintenance, being essential for input and output. This includes filter replacements and deep cleaning to keep the system performing to its highest standard. Inspecting the system in this way will ensure its been installed and continues to run smoothly.

MEV Servicing is what will really earn its keep, extending lifespan and ultimately cutting costs. This involves the most cleaning, in addition to rebalancing the valves to reset the product. Ultimately these services may depend on the system itself; however, NWCE can help with this. 

How an effective Ventilation System works

So, with all of these different types of ventilation systems and services clearly there’s a lot to take in. Every customer will know what the aim of a Ventilation System is, but what is an effective system like?  

The biggest factor determining whether your system is effective is in the range hood. This is because it is the easiest way of ventilating any kitchen as you cook, essential for even domestic kitchens. Best of all, all you need is a well-functioning and clean filter.  

Another part you need to get spot on is the make-up air unit, as this is the source of the fresh air. A Make-Up Air Unit needs to be constantly working at its best without the exhaust preferably. This will apply to both heating and cooling your kitchen down. 

Is the improvement that substantial?

Not only is the improvement much needed, however, in terms of kitchen performance it’s very significant.

Indoor Air Quality has many advantages beyond just airing your stuffy kitchen out. It has been proven that a well-managed ventilation system actually improves staff performance, whereas the opposite worsens it. This is just as important during the winter as it is in the summer and does wonders during both.

Appearance can certainly be ruined through a lack of commercial kitchen ventilation maintenance. Grease and Mould both individually and especially together, can destroy the appearance of your commercial kitchen. The most common problem is wall decolourisation, so maintain your kitchen’s appearance with an effective system. 

Health & Safety

As mentioned, Ventilation can make or break your kitchen in many ways yet the overarching reason is Health & Safety. The three main legal guidelines kitchen owners have to follow are The Workplace Regulations, Gas Safety Regulations and The Health and Safety at Work Act. All in which are in use to prevent owners, staff and even the customers and their food.

Extraction Rate will be what keeps your kitchen within the legal guidelines and will also keep up with air changes. NWCE’s ventilation engineers can measure this in every area of your kitchen, to work within different means. This will take into account amount of food, staff, maintenance, layout and amount of equipment used.

Despite being guidelines, these regulations will genuinely help your kitchen become a steady work environment. Ventilation in Commercial Kitchens is very easy to manage, especially with a NWCE commercial kitchen ventilation service. In addition to, our commercial kitchen ventilation maintenance service to keep your kitchen running. 

NWCE: UK Kitchen Specialists

NWCE offer ventilation system maintenance and catering services to customers in England, Scotland and Wales. We can drastically improve your commercial ventilation system or even replace to it. Above all, our team will spend the time to intricately plan every aspect and factor of your kitchen.

However, we aren’t just a workforce of ventilation specialists NWCE actually cover every area of commercial kitchens. Covering everything from bakery, catering, fabrication to refrigeration, in addition to ventilation services. As a result of this, NWCE are the team for you no matter what stage your kitchen is currently at.

To begin your kitchen design project today, our team are easy to reach via our website. The NWCE Kitchen Design Consultants will certainly set your kitchen project up for success. So to get in contact with them today, click here.