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Vestfrost Solutions | NWCE

Our history since 1963.

Today, product development, production and sales focus on solutions that target business needs. Product line and sales effort are targeted at four basic market segments, which cover demanding and exciting challenges: Biomedical, Cold Chain Equipment (CCE), Wine, and Merchandising.

Vestfrost Solutions is a global developer of innovative and efficient refrigerators and freezers for the professional market.

Our mission – we develop, produce and supply – reliably and efficiently – commercially optimised refrigeration and freezing solutions for our customers in the global professional market.

Our vision – Vestfrost Solutions must be viewed as the solution expert by the customers – with the right solutions.

Biomedical – reliable and user-friendly solutions for hospitals, health clinics, laboratories, pharmacies and universities.

Cold Chain – reliable and self-regulating refrigerators and freezers designed for tropical use and are all +43*c hot zone approved.

Merchandising – innovative and exciting solutions designed for brand presentation of soft drinks, energy drinks, juice and beers.

Wine – exclusive and reliable storage of wines for professional and commercial use all over the world.