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What Bakery Appliances do you need in a Commercial Kitchen?

What Bakery Appliances do you need? Bakery Appliances are useful in any kitchen setting, especially a brand-new commercial kitchen. Whether your kitchen is part of a start-up business or a high-end café, these appliances can only benefit your kitchen.

The Bakery Equipment engineers here at NWCE, work with our bakery appliances daily. This means NWCE will be able to plan, help you choose, and install all your desired Bakery Equipment. Luckily for you, our engineers cover the whole of England, so no kitchen is out of reach for NWCE.

Types of commercial bakery Appliances

The most important part of any Bakery Kitchen will be the Ovens. A busy kitchen may need multiple ovens to bake a high volume of food, to match customer demand.  With such an expensive appliance, like ovens, you will need in-depth knowledge on these to select the ideal fit.

There are two types of Bakery Ovens, to choose from:

Convection Ovens are fan ovens, which are used to cook bread, pastries, pies, and similar foods.  Heat is evenly distributed to each section of the oven so your food is baked to perfection. Using vents, these ovens combine high and low temperatures to meet your exact temperature.

These ovens are compact, yet they have plenty of storage for sweet treats, saving energy whilst doing so. Using a fan and exhaust system, Convection Ovens are digital, meaning they can be flexible, cooking at your precise temperature with consistency. Providing hassle-free cooking in any kitchen, Convection Ovens are perfect for commercial bakery establishments.

Deck Ovens are commercial ovens, used to bake products, such as bread, by using conduction heat. This means your food is warmed by the deck, with multiple different decks to cook many different foods at once. The constant heat of around 350°C – 482°C means that your food will be baked in no time!

Deck Ovens use boiled water and oil to bake the food. Using steam tubes to transport the water and condense it, thus boiling up each deck. The cyclothems system uses air to reach the desired temperature then the oil is used to heat the oven walls.

The Importance of Display Chillers

In bakeries and other fast-bakery settings, Commercial Display Chillers are a necessity.  Combining both display and storage, this is perfect for freshly made food, from pastries to sandwiches. Displaying your food will most often be the best way to persuade a customer to buy your products.

Display Chillers come in many different sizes, from Snack Chillers, horizontal units, to Drink Chillers, vertical units. There are no restrictions to these, being helpful in both over-the-counter establishments and restaurants.

Why do you need a Toaster in your Bakery?

Everyone knows how popular toasters are in homes, and they are just as important in bakeries. Being able to make toasties, paninis, and bagels, toasters will last you years and provide a range of breakfast food.

Quite simply, over-the-counter bakeries need a least one toaster, if not multiple. Bakeries are most popular in the morning, so the breakfast and brunch period will be your busiest time of day. Most customers are only looking for a quick breakfast, so having a toaster will be a smart idea.

Different types of commercial mixers

As well as ovens, there are two different types of Mixers, which will slot perfectly into your kitchen.

Spiral Mixers are mixers specially made for dough, making sure they are mixed quicker and more efficiently. These mixers are made for bigger mixes and with many different inter-changeable parts to precisely knead the dough.

These are perfect for many different food services, ideal for pizzerias for a consistent dough base and mixing ingredients. For bread makers specifically, you will save so much money off your production costs. Spiral Mixers focus on temperature control to guarantee the most efficient results possible.

Planetary Mixers blend a much larger variety of different foods, from cookie dough, vegetables, meat, cheese, and much more. However, for this range, you will need multiple extensions, and as a result, allows you to experiment more with your food.  

The three main parts of the mixer are the dough hook, mixing paddle, and whisk.  The Dough Hook kneads the dough, the mixing paddle mixes creams, etc. and the whisk beats foods. NWCE deals with an extensive group of manufacturers including Scotsman Ice Machinery, Josper Grills, and Merrychef Ovens.

Commercial blenders

A blender is a small appliance, that is suited to a commercial kitchen. As you know, Blenders are used to blend food, drinks, sauces, and more – a staple in every modern kitchen.

Everyone knows how a traditional blender works; simply putting fruit in the plastic jar with the metal blade everything together. However, newer models provide different and more exact roles, with digital blenders being so much more specific. For your commercial kitchens, commercial blenders tend to be a lot more powerful than domestic blenders.

Commercial dough Proofers – The Finishing Touch

Dough Proofers are exactly what the name implies, the proof-check to improve the fermentation process before you use the dough. This is the rising stage of the baking process, using the temperature to bring you the perfect baked goods. If you want to get the best for your dough, it’s essential you invest in one of these for your kitchen.

Whether you’re just getting started or looking to add to your kitchen, it’s important you choose the right equipment for you. By seeing what will work well for you, you can optimize your kitchen to ensure that you’re not only productive, are able to produce wonderful food that will be loved by all.

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