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What exactly does your commercial kitchen ventilation do

What exactly does your commercial kitchen ventilation do?

Each section of your commercial kitchen has an important job to do, but it can be argued that the commercial kitchen ventilation system is one of the hardest working pieces of equipment. For the outside, you just seen the extractor fan and piping, however there is a huge amount of work that goes on behind the scenes of your extraction system.  

Your ventilation system has a massive effect on the working conditions of your kitchen and restaurant staff and it can even have an effect of the dining experience of your customers. But if you’re still wondering why your commercial kitchen extraction system is so important, then carry on reading. 

Commercial kitchen exhaust system

  • Reducing energy loss 

If your ventilation system is working as it should, then the contaminated air that has been removed from the kitchen should be replaced with fresh, cool air. However, it’s important to be aware of the fact that heat or cooling energy can also be removed along with the dirt, dust, grease and debris. So it’s important that your ventilation system is correctly designed in a way in which it can limit the amount of conditioned air that is being pulled through and wasted. 

  • Cooling area temperatures 

Like we touched on above, a commercial kitchen can get incredibly hot, smokey and steamy. It can become an uncomfortable workplace so it’s important to have a fully functioning ventilation and exhaust system in order to help reduce the heat in the kitchen. A faulty ventilation system could actually send the kitchen the other way and end up creating a working environment that is too cold. 

It’s crucial that you keep up with your  ventilation planned preventative maintenance, to ensure that you full ventilation system is working to the best that it can. Companies such as NWCE Foodservice Equipment have teams of engineers who carry out bespoke service and maintenance plans. Their engineers will come to your kitchen at a time and date that suits you. They will then check over all of your equipment, including your ventilation system and make sure that everything is working safely and as effectively and efficiently as it possibly can.  

  • Controlling air quality 

We’ve spoken about this point above, but your restaurant hoods and  ventilation systems deal with removing all the rubbish that is in the air. During a busy service there is oil, grease and bits of food flying around and if that isn’t removed then it can end up landing on your catering equipment or even breathed in by your staff which isn’t healthy. So having a fully functioning system is important in that respect as well.  

  • Reducing odors

If you’re a busy kitchen cooking all different kinds of fish and meat you don’t want odors to linger over the working day. Those odors could even end up making its way out to the dining area and create an unpleasant dining experience for your customers. Your ventilation will help to remove any linger food smells and replace it with fresh air. 

If you think that your current ventilation isn’t up to the standard that it should be then why not get in touch with NWCE and their team of commercial kitchen extraction installers

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