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What is a Walk-In vs. Reach-In Commercial Kitchen from a Designer’s Perspective?

The success of an effective Refrigeration Systems and Storage most often correlates to the performance of the foodservice establishment. There aren’t many priorities as big as preserving the nutrients and overall quality of your food supplies. NWCE come in contact with plenty of kitchen designs, so we can weigh in on the Walk-in vs Reach-in Refrigeration debate.

The names are quite self-explanatory, Walk-in Storage is a space or room you can walk into and keep stock. Whereas, Reach-in Storage is a cupboard or appliance which you can reach into and place supplies. With each being the same in practice and different in execution there are differences with each one.

Today, NWCE will talk you through the basics of each selection so that you can quite simply make your final decision. If you need any further support in relation to Restaurant Kitchen Design then get in touch with our team. We work 24/7 for any of your emergency kitchen equipment breakdown needs. 

Preserve your Food, Preserve your Reputation

Every Commercial Kitchen Designer will stress the importance of absolutely nailing your commercial kitchen refrigeration systems. This is due to the food being the key to your success and if you don’t give the chefs the right tools for the job, the business won’t succeed. In short, if there is anything worth investing in heavily it is certainly refrigeration and storage.

When it comes to temperature, it is advised to keep your refrigerated supplies between -3 and 3 degrees Celsius. This keeps within the FDA requirements and will be the perfect way of preserving the flavour in your food. To stay on this topic, any faults need to be dealt with immediately and NWCE can certainly do this for you.

Storage isn’t just in reference to refrigeration, but your cupboards and organisation of your commercial kitchen design. In recent years, shelving and overhead racks have proved how crucial this easy access is. This should also be achieved with your easy to navigate kitchen cupboards, kitchen design and installation carried out by NWCE.

Walk-in or Reach-in Refrigeration: How will you use your Storage?

Before making a decision, one of the important things to establish is what you are looking to get out of your storage. To put simply, you won’t need a Walk-in System if you aren’t planning on bulk buying supplies. Similarly, if you are bulk buying then Reach-in Systems may not be the fit for your kitchen.

Whilst a restaurant can function using only Reach-in Refrigerators, they are designed to maintain temperatures. By this, we mean that they aren’t supposed to bring food down to those temperatures. In fact, storing hot food in these too often may lead to a bacteria outbreak.

With this established, the function of your storage will ultimately determine how the installation will be carried out too. For instance there are more intricacies with Walk-in Refrigeration Designs, as shelving and specific features will affect installation.

The Pros and Cons of Walk-in and Reach-in Refrigeration

An honest commercial kitchen designer would acknowledge how a Walk-in Refrigerator is best equipped for a bigger kitchen. Although they can be customised to suit any kitchen, open layouts get the most out of them. Bulk Stock will always be cheaper so being able to preserve this and keep the flavour will be a huge plus.

Despite being higher in initial kitchen design and install costs, Walk-in Freezers use less power than multiple Reach-in Refrigerators. However, Reach-in Refrigerators are convenient as they can be under-counter or huge freestanding affairs. These are so popular due to their easy access of simply reaching in of course thus can be more convenient.

For smaller kitchens, Reach-in Refrigeration is much more convenient as it can be a fitted appliance. This will obviously safe space, but may be convenient during peak business hours. Not to mention for cafes and shops, Reach-in Refrigeration is an excellent means of display.

NWCE: Kitchen Design and Install Projects

There is no better commercial kitchen design company for refrigeration installations than North West Catering Engineers. For many years we have been providing professional kitchen services, even ventilation, fabrication, maintenance and repair services. In short, there is nothing NWCE Kitchen Engineers can’t do for kitchens both old and new.

Despite our name, NWCE actually operate across the UK mainland to install refrigeration systems and provide maintenance. For us to help you with your restaurant kitchen design, all you need to do is get in touch with NWCE. By filling out our contact form, we will be able to hear about your enquiry and get in touch with you ASAP.

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