What you need to think about when planning a commercial kitchen design
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What you need to think about when planning a commercial kitchen design

What you need to think about when planning a commercial kitchen design

Every commercial kitchen is different, that's why when it comes to commercial kitchen design and installation, you need to find commercial kitchen installers  who takes into account what your specific kitchen will need. So where do you start when starting to plan out a commercial kitchen design? 

Well the first thing you need to understand is what exactly a commercial kitchen is and what it needs to contain to be classed as a commercial kitchen. A commercial kitchen design and installation is specifically set out in order to make sure that your kitchen staff work effectively, safely and easily. Having the right kitchen design will really help to make a difference in how the kitchen overall is run. 

Commercial Kitchen Design and Installation  

The commercial kitchen installation equipment plan can be broken down into 4 separate sections. And they are kitchen maintenance, food production equipment, food storage and common kitchen utensils. 

  • Kitchen Maintenance 

Kitchen maintenance equipment would include key items like dish and warewasher, dish warmers, shredders and anything that deals with the rubbish the kitchen creates. These are essential pieces of equipment that you’ll need in your kitchen to ensure that you can keep your kitchen maintained to a high standard. 

  • Food Production Equipment 

These pieces of equipment are (as the name suggests) equipment that is used for food production. So equipment such as ovens, grills, fryers, gas hobs etc. All of those key pieces of equipment that your staff will need to cook up a storm. 

  • Food Storage 

Fridges, freezers, blast chillers, under counter fridges and freezers, they’ll all play important part of the kitchen as they ensure all of your produce stays as fresh as possible for as long as possible. You can also count shelves, extra cabinets etc as food storage as well. 

  • Common Kitchen Utensils 

These utensils include knives, spatulas, ladles, spoons etc. These are kitchen items that you use on a daily basis, something that everyone uses throughout the whole service. You need to make sure that your kitchen maintenance appliances are able to keep up with your usage and are able to provide you with clean utensils as and when you need them. 

These are the 4 different commercial kitchen equipment categories that you need to have in your commercial kitchen. Now you need to think about the layout of the kitchen and what materials you use in your commercial kitchen design. 

Traditionally commercial kitchen designers create commercial kitchens in stainless steel and that’s for a good reason. This material is not only incredibly durable, it can also withstand high temperatures and maybe most importantly it is safe for food preparation. When it comes to your commercial kitchen maintenance, using stainless steel means you don’t need to use any special cleaning solutions. Since the metal is non porous, it doesn’t absorb moisture or harmful bacteria which means a throughout wipe down is all you need to keep it clean. In essence stainless steel ticks all the boxes that you need to create a safe and clean commercial kitchen. Of course you have the option to choose a different material but you’ll need to talk to your commercial kitchen design specialists. 

Commercial Kitchen Design and Installation Service  

With so many things that need to be fully thought about, health and safety regulations that need to be adhered too, not to mention what we have spoken about above, sometimes it can be easier to get a commercial kitchen design team involved. If you think that is the route you would like to go down, then why not look at a company such as NWCE Foodservice Equipment? 

They are a Bolton based catering engineers company that deal with all aspects of commercial kitchens. Starting from the rough paper designs all the way down to the final fabrication and clean down. Their engineers are Gas Safe registered which means you can have your gas appliances installed with peace of mind, knowing everything is going to be done to the safest and highest of standards. 

They understand that every commercial kitchen is different and they will sit down with you and talk through your catering needs to ensure that the kitchen is designed in a way that is bespoke to your menu. 

It isn’t easy running any kind of business, but when it comes to one that is so customer focused such as the foodservice industry then having your kitchen set up in the most efficient way starts you off on the best food possible. That’s why it’s worth having a team such as NWCE Foodservice Equipment behind you to ensure you plan and create the best kitchen for your needs. 

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