Why use stainless steel for your commercial kitchen fabrication?
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Why Use Stainless Steel for your Commercial Kitchen Fabrication

Why use stainless steel for your commercial kitchen fabrication?

Of course your menu and front of house is important, but the kitchen is the key component that makes the whole restaurant runs smoothly.  And it's important that your kitchen is up to the task of creating the high quality of food that you want to provide. And to create this food your commercial kitchen needs to fabricated to restaurants specific needs. 

Commercial kitchen fabrication

You might be thinking, what exactly is a commercial kitchen fabrication? 

Its essentially the process of cutting down materials (in this case stainless steel) to the actual shape of the product that’s going to be created, rather than objects being created in a standard size. 

The fabrication process starts off with the metal being cut to size. Once it’s cut into the general size, it’s then shaped. The shaping usually happens through a range of rolling and press baking. Then after the metal piece have been formed into shape, they’re then put together and assembles into the final product. The multiple separate pieces are all joined together through welding. 

stainless steel kitchen equipment fabrication

We would always suggest a commercial kitchen fabrication using stainless steel. Of course you don’t have to stainless steel, you could choose to use brass, copper or aluminium but they don’t have as many positives as stainless steel does. 

There are a few main key benefits from using stainless steel and they include – 

  • Cost effectiveness

It’s a cheap material to source and to work with. Kitchens can have a large square footage that needs to be effectively used and it’s the best metal to use to make the most of the kitchen area. 

  • Easy to clean 

Its incredibly easy to care for, with daily wipe downs and weekly abrasive cleaning, the stainless steel will look like brand new for months and years to come. It can be easily polished using the right dry cleaner and a soft microfibre cloth. 

  • Non porous 

To go along with the easy clean up, it’s also an extremely sanitary metal. It’s non porous which means no bacteria, dirt or germs can get into the metal, so they can be easily wiped away when cleaning. This helps to reduce any risk of cross contamination or food poisoning, thus making it perfect to use in areas of food preparation. 

  • Durable 

Stainless steel is incredibly hard wearing and can withstand heavy levels of wear and tear over months and even years.  It’s hard to dent and mark which makes it perfect for busy kitchens that are constantly in use. 

  • Rust and water resistant 

Most metals can be affected by water, acidic food, and humidity. Basically most thing that you find in a professional kitchen can lead to metal corrosion but not stainless steel. Stainless steel kitchen equipment fabrication is perfect to deal with practically anything that the commercial kitchen can throw at it. As long as there is the proper maintenance, your commercial kitchen equipment won’t chip, rust or show any other signs of wear and tear. 

  • Temperature tolerant 

Kitchens work with food in a range of different temperatures from frozen foods and ice baths all the way to flames cooking in a tandoor. So it’s important that your kitchen surround is able to deal with the difference in temperature changes without warping or being affected by it. 

Why choose a custom stainless steel fabrication? 

As the heart of the restaurant, your commercial kitchen needs to be designed in a way that increases performance and efficiency to the highest level possible. It doesn’t matter about the amount of floor space you have available.  The commercial kitchen needs to be fully functional in order for the food to be prepped, cooked and sent out in a timely manner.

There is a huge amount of planning that goes into creating a high performance commercial kitchen. Every inch of the kitchen, from storage and prep areas to cleaning and service areas, need to be carefully set out and arranged. Even if you’re planning on creating a specialist restaurant that means you need equipment like a wood fired pizza over or meat smoker, that can all be worked into the fabrication. 

We understand that every commercial kitchen is different and there isn’t one kitchen design that suits every single catering outlet out there. And that’s why every kitchen should have a custom fabrication

This way you will be building a commercial kitchen that has been completely tailored to your specific needs and vision.  Commercial catering companies such as NWCE Foodservice Equipment have teams that specialise in working with you and your kitchen team to create a high specification, industry quality commercial kitchen, that is full of only the best restaurant equipment and components as well as custom pieces that have been built to ensure efficiency and profitability.

Their brand new Projects department has been solely created to focus on creating, designing and installing brand new kitchens, not only for restaurants but bars, cafes and even public sector buildings such as schools, hospitals and universities.

It’s not worth wasting valuable floor space just because you’re trying to make standard equipment and appliances fit and work into your kitchen. Having a  custom fabrication generally doesn’t  tend to take any longer than a typical commercial kitchen design-build process would be but the positives of a custom fabrications majorly outweigh the positives of standard commercial kitchens. 

If you’re looking to upgrade your current kitchen space, or you’re starting from scratch and if you are interested in creating a bespoke stainless steel fabrication for your kitchen, then get in touch with NWCE Foodservice Equipment either by the contact form on their website or over the phone on 0161 764 8688. 


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