Why you need to keep on top of your catering equipment maintenance
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Why you need to keep on top of your catering equipment maintenance

Your catering equipment is the heart and soul of your business, you use it nearly every day and if it stopped working you would have to stop working right? So why are you not keeping up with the maintenance? Unnecessary downtime is the enemy of all of those in the catering and foodservice industry and here is how to avoid downtime as much as possible. 

Catering equipment repairs and maintenance

There’s a few different types of  repairs and maintenance, the first is the repairs and the maintenance that you can carry out yourself and the second is the jobs that you have to call out catering equipment engineers for. 

These are some examples of commercial catering equipment repairs that you can be carrying out yourself. 

  • Filters 

Many hot side equipment units that you use will have filters that are there to remove any grease, dirt and larger particles in the air. If these filters become too clogged up, it can majorly affect the way the unit works, it can even become a fire hazard due to the grease. Making sure the filter is kept as clean as possible is an easy way to keep it maintained and make sure it works as efficient as possible. 

Many air filters that come with your units are reusable, which means you don’t need to spend money replacing them. They can just be removed from the piece of equipment, cleaned and inserted back in. Remember to always check your manuals to find the filter. 

Water filters however need to be regularly changed and replaced with new ones. The filter is installed to removed any lime scale that naturally occurs in water, this build up can massively damage the internals of your equipment. Similar with air and grease filters, always double check in the manual for their recommendations. A top tip when changing your water filter, make a note of the date you change then so you know when they next need to be replaced. 

  • Gasket and seals 

The gaskets that you find on commercial catering equipment are used to create a tight seal on the doors. Due to use, over time they will become worn and eventually lose their ability to make an air-tight seal. To avoid this, you need to check over all gaskets and door seals for any cracks or tears. We would suggest doing this on a weekly basis to keep on top of it. If you do start to find any damage to the seal, always check the equipment manual to see what they recommend. 

Commercial catering equipment repairs

However, there are issues with your catering equipment that you won’t be able to deal with. And that’s when you’ll need to get in contact with catering engineers such as NWCE Foodservice Equipment. Their engineers have years of experience behind them on dealing with all manner of catering and foodservice equipment.

Working with a company such as NWCE gives you some peace of mind knowing you’re covered in case the worst does happen with your equipment as they have a 24 hour breakdown service. Their engineers will also carry out regular planned preventative maintenance. 

This maintenance benefits you and your equipment in multiple ways. It’s cost effective in the long term as it helps to keep your equipment running as efficiently as possible. It will also pick up on any minor issues and repair them before they turn into a major equipment issue.  These plans generally work on a month to month payment basis, which means it can be budgeted into your monthly expenditures. It’s a worthy month expense as it can help you in the long term by avoiding any future expensive surprise equipment repair jobs. 

These service and maintenance plans are completely bespoke to each and every catering establishment. Whether you’re an artisan bakery, a pizzeria or a burger joint, your specific business needs will all be very different, so it makes sense for your maintenance plan to be different. 

The catering engineers from NWCE have years of experience behind the working on all manner of foodservice equipment. The planned repairs and maintenance will be carried out at your convenience to make sure that there will be no downtime to your business. If there are any minor issues that come up during the service then the engineers tend to carry standard pieces of repair equipment with them to sort the problem there and then. 

If any major work needs to be carried out then it’s worth considering using refurbished parts to do a repair rather than buying a brand new piece of equipment. This can be not only cost effective but also better for the environment. 

Another key thing to think about when trying to keep your catering equipment in the best condition possible is through the use of regular deep cleans. These deep cleans focus on areas that you can’t easily get to yourself, the extraction and ventilation systems. These systems play a key role in keeping your kitchen running smoothly. They extract heat, grease, dirt and debris that is naturally found in a working kitchen, however over time this can create a build up which needs professionally removing and cleaning before it becomes a health and safety hazard for your staff.  Those cleaning teams will use specialist equipment and cleaning chemicals to ensure that everything is removed and you’re left with a kitchen that is clean and safe for all to work in.

Catering equipment services

Your catering equipment at the heart of your business, so it makes sense to take care of it. The better care you take of your equipment, the more you will get out of it. It will work better for longer making it more cost effective and meaning you’ll be able to come in and carry out a service without worrying about things going wrong. 

If you think it’s time to take better care of your commercial catering equipment, then give NWCE Foodservice Equipment a ring to sort out a bespoke catering equipment maintenance plan. 



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