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Rent Glass Washers from NWCE

Commercial Catering Equipment – rent glass washers

Here at  NWCE Catering Engineers, we not only carry out installations, repairs, and maintenance on a range of commercial catering equipment. We now also stock a range of glasswashers for you to rent directly from us. All of the glass washers that we rent out are covered with our maintenance plans, which is an extra incentive to rent your glass washers from us.

The glass washers we rent out are produced by Stalgast who are experts in commercial catering equipment. We offer two different sized glass washers as seen below. They are both come with washing liquid dispensers and drain pumps. These washers are at a great value and we know that they are reliable! They’re very easy to use as well as being cost efficient, which are all big pluses for you.

We decided to offer glass washer rentals because we know how difficult it can be to spend huge amounts of money on commercial catering equipment. And here at North West Catering Engineers, we want to make that easier for you. You also get a full range of benefits if you decide to rent your glass washer from us –

Delivered and installed for free.

No charge for parts subject to terms and conditions.

Claim the rentals against tax.

Return the machine and cancel at any time.

If you have any more questions about renting glass washers or buying glass washers from us, then please get in contact with one of the NWCE team!