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The Different Types of Commercial Kitchen Layout
The Different Types of Commercial Kitchen Layout
Your commercial kitchen layout is just as important as the kitchen equipment. Your layout is what provides convenience and structure in a hectic working environment, so it’s important to have an easily accessible kitchen setup to ensure that you get the most productivity from your team.
How Commercial Catering Maintenance Will Benefit Your Customers !
How Commercial Catering Maintenance will benefit your customers!
The most successful of commercial kitchen owners will understand just how massively commercial catering maintenance will benefit not only the customers, but the staff and the overall success as their restaurant. Catering equipment maintenance goes such a long way in improving dining experiences, improving the staff’s kitchen experience and improving your restaurant’s reputation in the local area.
What exactly does your commercial kitchen ventilation do
What exactly does your commercial kitchen ventilation do?
Each section of your commercial kitchen has an important job to do, but it can be argued that the commercial kitchen ventilation system is one of the hardest working pieces of equipment. For the outside, you just seen the extractor fan and piping, however there is a huge amount of work that goes on behind the scenes of your extraction system.  
Buying the right commercial bakery equipment for your needs
Buying the right commercial bakery equipment for your needs
So you're planning on opening a bakery, you have the menu down to a tee, you know exactly how you're going to decorate the front, you've got the front of house decoration and theme sorted. What's left? Well maybe the most important thing of all, sorting out your commercial kitchen.
Top tips for commercial kitchen design and installation
Top tips for commercial kitchen design and installation
When planning a commercial kitchen, there are a few specific things that need to be considered. You need a layout that is not only efficient, but somewhere that is safe for all staff to work  and somewhere that produces minimal wastage of not only space but materials as well. 
Dos and don’ts for hiring catering engineers in Bolton

When it comes to hiring catering engineers for your Bolton Kitchen it is absolutely vital for you to get the right type of engineer for the job. Ultimately you want specialist who is an expert in the catering equipment industry, and who knows the ins and outs out of specific kitchen appliances by brand, model and how they function.

The most common catering equipment maintenance issues
The most common catering equipment maintenance issues
Your commercial kitchen works hard for you, so it's only fair that you take care of it. And that's where catering equipment maintenance comes in. Having regular equipment maintenance will help to ensure your catering equipment works as effectively as possible for as long as possible.  
Five different types of commercial refrigeration that you may need in your kitchen
Five different types of commercial refrigeration that you may need in your kitchen
Every commercial kitchen has different refrigeration needs depending on the food that is being served. Sometimes coming into this industry as a new comer, you can feel a little overwhelmed with the amount of choices that are available when it comes to commercial refrigeration. This article is going to talk through the five most popular pieces of commercial kitchen refrigeration equipment that you could have in your commercial kitchen. 
How To Make Your Commercial Kitchen Work Smarter Not Harder
How to make your commercial kitchen work smarter not harder
A commercial kitchen is an extremely unique environment, in which the whole place relies on the productivity and output of the kitchen team. With different challenges coming from places such as staff turn over, under skilled staff, reduced budgets and difficult to please customers, it means working in the catering and foodservice industry is now harder than ever.
Commercial Kitchen Maintenance Tips For Your Kitchen
Commercial Kitchen Maintenance Tips For Your Kitchen
Your commercial kitchen is a room that is non-stop. Whether that's during a busy service, a private event or during a menu testing session.  So it's important that your kitchen and all of the equipment and appliances inside are maintained and kept in the best possible condition. 
Commercial Kitchen Design 101
Commercial kitchen design 101
Having a strong and efficient commercial kitchen design is incredibly important when it comes to running a successful kitchen and restaurant. Being able to design your commercial kitchen from scratch means you're able to add in all the different elements that are essential for your specific commercial kitchen and menu. 
The ins and outs of a Commercial Ventilation System
The ins and outs of a commercial ventilation system
In a commercial kitchen, what you see is what you get with your commercial equipment. Your ovens, grills, fryers etc are all there to cook food. Your fridges, freezers and blast chillers can be used for both chilling as well as storing food and produce.
Essential Pieces of commercial bakery equipment
Essential pieces of bakery equipment
Bakery is a section of the catering industry that is slightly different to sections. Bakery can be seen as an art form in itself and there are specific pieces of equipment that a bakery needs that you may not find in standard commercial kitchens. 
What Planned Preventative Maintenance Does For Your Commercial Kitchen
What Planned Preventative Maintenance Does For Your Commercial Kitchen
If you want to keep your commercial kitchen running as efficiently and effectively as possible, then you need to keep up to date with your planned preventative maintenance. Not only will that help to keep your kitchen running as smoothly as possible, but it can also massively reduce any unnecessary downtime and kitchen losses. 
Hygiene and fabricated commercial kitchens
Hygiene and fabricated commercial kitchens
Hygiene is number one if every single commercial kitchen setting. Not only for the customers who will be eating the food in the front of house, but it's important for those who work back of house and in the kitchen itself. Not to mention, your kitchen needs to be ticking all health and safety requirements that your local council or authority has in place. 
Why maintenance is so important for your commercial refrigeration system
Why maintenance is so important for your commercial refrigeration systems
Maintenance is key when it comes to catering and foodservice equipment, no matter how big or small it may be. But you might be wondering why it's so important to keep your equipment, especially your commercial refrigeration system. Well, if you're looking to increase productivity, efficiency and lifespan, then you will need to keep up with the maintenance of your systems. 
How To Ensure You are Buying The Right Commercial kitchen ventilation - NWCE
How to ensure you’re buying the right commercial kitchen ventilation
It can be easy to overlook your commercial kitchen ventilation system, but it's an incredibly important part of keeping your kitchen functioning at max capacity. The ventilation system is in charge of keeping the air in your kitchen smoke, steam and grease free. This is what you need to take into account when looking for the right kitchen ventilation system for your business.
Let’s Talk About The Commercial Kitchen Refrigeration! - NWCE
Lets talk about commercial kitchen refrigeration!
Your refrigeration system can be a key part of your commercial kitchen, if your walk in or fridge breaks down over night that can mean your whole service can be ruined for the next day or even two. It doesn't only just ruin service, it makes you'll have to spend even more money replacing all the food and stock that had gone off in the walk in. So it's imperative to make sure that you have the right refrigeration system for your restaurants needs.  
Creating a Commercial kitchen That Supports All of Your Staff's Needs - NWCE
Creating a commercial kitchen that supports all of your staffs needs
Past surveys focusing solely on the mental well being of restaurant and kitchen staff has been carried out, and they have shown that at least 81% of those asked have experienced poor mental health during their career. Nearly half also said that they don't believe enough is being done for those who have experienced these issues. 
Why you need to keep on top of your catering equipment maintenance
Your catering equipment is the heart and soul of your business, you use it nearly every day and if it stopped working you would have to stop working right? So why are you not keeping up with the maintenance? Unnecessary downtime is the enemy of all of those in the catering and foodservice industry and here is how to avoid downtime as much as possible. 
Why Use Stainless Steel for your Commercial Kitchen Fabrication
Why use stainless steel for your commercial kitchen fabrication?
Of course your menu and front of house is important, but the kitchen is the key component that makes the whole restaurant runs smoothly.  And it's important that your kitchen is up to the task of creating the high quality of food that you want to provide. And to create this food your commercial kitchen needs to fabricated to restaurants specific needs. 
Essentials you ll need in your Commercial Bakery Kitchen
Essentials you’ll need in your commercial bakery kitchen
A commercial bakery kitchen is different to a commercial kitchen that you would find in a restaurant for instance. But it's important to remember that even thought you may not be carrying out a service like you would be in a more traditional kitchen, your commercial bakery equipment needs to be up to the job of creating high quality pieces of pastry and pies. 
Safety requirements for your Commercial Kitchen
Safety requirements for your Commercial Kitchen
So if you're thinking of upgrading your current kitchen set up, or planning on having a brand new commercial kitchen fabricated to your bespoke needs, carry on reading this article as we are going to cover some of the main requirements of what you need to be include in a commercial kitchen.