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How To Ensure You are Buying The Right Commercial kitchen ventilation - NWCE
How to ensure you’re buying the right commercial kitchen ventilation
It can be easy to overlook your commercial kitchen ventilation system, but it's an incredibly important part of keeping your kitchen functioning at max capacity. The ventilation system is in charge of keeping the air in your kitchen smoke, steam and grease free. This is what you need to take into account when looking for the right kitchen ventilation system for your business.
Let’s Talk About The Commercial Kitchen Refrigeration! - NWCE
Lets talk about commercial kitchen refrigeration!
Your refrigeration system can be a key part of your commercial kitchen, if your walk in or fridge breaks down over night that can mean your whole service can be ruined for the next day or even two. It doesn't only just ruin service, it makes you'll have to spend even more money replacing all the food and stock that had gone off in the walk in. So it's imperative to make sure that you have the right refrigeration system for your restaurants needs.  
Creating a Commercial kitchen That Supports All of Your Staff's Needs - NWCE
Creating a commercial kitchen that supports all of your staffs needs
Past surveys focusing solely on the mental well being of restaurant and kitchen staff has been carried out, and they have shown that at least 81% of those asked have experienced poor mental health during their career. Nearly half also said that they don't believe enough is being done for those who have experienced these issues. 
Why you need to keep on top of your Catering Equipment Maintenance
Why you need to keep on top of your catering equipment maintenance
Your catering equipment is the heart and soul of your business, you use it nearly every day and if it stopped working you would have to stop working right? So why are you not keeping up with the maintenance? Unnecessary downtime is the enemy of all of those in the catering and foodservice industry and here is how to avoid downtime as much as possible. 
Why Use Stainless Steel for your Commercial Kitchen Fabrication
Why use stainless steel for your commercial kitchen fabrication?
Of course your menu and front of house is important, but the kitchen is the key component that makes the whole restaurant runs smoothly.  And it's important that your kitchen is up to the task of creating the high quality of food that you want to provide. And to create this food your commercial kitchen needs to fabricated to restaurants specific needs. 
Essentials you ll need in your Commercial Bakery Kitchen
Essentials you’ll need in your commercial bakery kitchen
A commercial bakery kitchen is different to a commercial kitchen that you would find in a restaurant for instance. But it's important to remember that even thought you may not be carrying out a service like you would be in a more traditional kitchen, your commercial bakery equipment needs to be up to the job of creating high quality pieces of pastry and pies. 
Safety requirements for your Commercial Kitchen
Safety requirements for your Commercial Kitchen
So if you're thinking of upgrading your current kitchen set up, or planning on having a brand new commercial kitchen fabricated to your bespoke needs, carry on reading this article as we are going to cover some of the main requirements of what you need to be include in a commercial kitchen. 
Nwce Rational2
Another first for NWCE Foodservice Equipment

NWCE have always strived to be innovative and at the cutting edge of the food service industry, whether that be leading the way in sourcing much needed specialist catering equipment for the NHS during the current pandemic, installing a full development kitchen at our offices for the use of clients, or supporting customers forward planning by carrying out an in depth survey on the publics views on the future of the hospitality industry post Covid 19.

NWCE survey
NWCE Post Covid 19 Hospitality Confidence Survey

NWCE Food Service Equipment have been supporting the NHS and other critical infrastructure throughout the lockdown, and as guidelines are slowly starting to relax we are now looking towards ways we can help the Hospitality industry in what is likely to be a slow and cautious move back to normality.