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Who we are and where we came from

2014, you might remember it as the year Scotland voted to stay part of the United Kingdom, the year the oil market dropped or even as the year where planes seemed to disappear completely. But for us, 2014 was the year that birthed North West Catering Engineers.

The company began with just one man, Ben Odling, and his van, way back in September 2014. Ben worked hard on developing a good reputation as a reliable, competent engineer.

The business then began to move into catering equipment supply as well as fabrication and installations. To help this growth Ben and Matthew Hopkinson decided to join forces as Matthews skill set was based in fabrication and installation were integrated into NWCE.

The NWCE Journey 

The pair were then able to employ their very first engineer back in March 2015. The growth of NWCE didn’t stop and the team then grew bigger with the first office staff being taken on just months after in May. Things were on the come up for the team but at this point the office work was being dealt with from someone’s back bedroom office! 

Finally in July 2016 that they were able to move into their first ever office and warehouse over in Bury. The company continued to grow and gain valuable customers with turnover exceeding £2m in 2016.  The focus was then on creating a team with industry experience in order to enhance the reputation of the business.

Peter Overton had helped Ben and the team on an ad hoc basis and joined the team as a director back in 2018. The following year the company rebranded as NWCE Foodservice Equipment to reflect the now nation-wide service and supply operation. 

With this rebrand came a move to a new warehouse and office. The team moved into the current Bolton premises which now is home to the amazing and fully kitted out Northern Powerhouse developmental kitchen!

NWCE Foodservice Equipment – 7 years on 

So seven years on and NWCE Foodservice Equipment is a business that employs nearly 40 people and who’s engineers offer nationwide coverage with further expansion being very close on the horizon. 

Not bad for what started off as a man with a van!